Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting has changed how we do business today, and at Hudson LM Accountants we help our clients make the most of cloud services.

Cloud accountingReal time accounting information is vital to your business. Decisions can be made quickly – and not when it could be too late.

You shouldn’t have to wait until your financial year end to find out how much profit you have made and what tax you have to pay.

With all the great tools we use, we can move your business online and eliminate much of the processing; all this can be done on numerous different devices; PC’s, smart phones, tablets.

We recommend Quickbooks Online together with Receipt Bank or AutoEntry.

Moving your business to the cloud isn’t a complicated process. With our support, we can make this happen.

Why switch to cloud book keeping software?

  • It’s inexpensive; typically around £10 to £15 per month
  • The software is always up to date as it is online
  • Secure logins and access by multiple persons including your accountant
  • Connection to online banking removes most manual inputting of information
  • There are a growing number of additional tools available with these systems in the form of apps and add-ons to online systems, including Receipt Bank


This is easy-to-use online software that makes it simple to keep up with your paper receipts, which saves you time and money.

It automatically includes purchase invoices and expense receipts into your online book keeping system with minimal effort on your part.