A big challenge for many businesses – particularly those in rural areas – is how to recruit and retain the best staff.

Here at Hudson LM, we have adopted an innovative flexible working approach for our staff, which was first established in America and has revolutionised how we work.

The Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

We believe that creating opportunities for our staff to work when and where they want is key to retaining, recruiting and motivating our team.

We have embraced this by adopting a concept that was first created in America in the 2000s called the Results Only Work Environment, which essentially means people can work at a time and place of their choosing.

For it to work well, excellent communication between the team is vital, and everyone has individual and group targets to work towards to ensure they know what’s expected of them and we keep our business goals on track.

We have boundaries in place to ensure we maintain high levels of customer service such as ensuring there are always team members present in the office to handle communications.”

Flexible working is something that all businesses – particularly SMEs in rural areas – should consider.

“From our point of view, the use of the latest technology including cloud and VoIP systems makes this system work well, but I believe it’s a viable option for any office-based business,” Louise says.

“Although we are a professional practice, we are based in rural Whittington so giving people ways in which they can work to suit their lifestyles and timescales has a big benefit on wellbeing and mental health.”