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State Benefits Increased

Many State Benefits have been frozen, or increases limited, for a number of years. The Government have however decided to increase many State Benefits from 2020/21 including Child Benefit. The amount payable in respect of the oldest child has been...

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NIC Changes

Employees and the self-employed will not pay national insurance contributions (NIC) on the first £9,500 of earnings from 2020/21, a significant increase from the £8,632 limit in 2019/20. Note that employers will be required to pay 13.8% on earnings...

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More Rates relief for Small businesses

There has again been much lobbying from the small business sector to reduce business rates to enable traditional retailers in particular to compete with internet traders. The Chancellor announced a long term review of the future of business rates,...

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Quickbooks and Xero News

Both Quickbooks and Xero have just released (or are about to release) purchase invoice/receipt capture software, within their systems (Quickbooks version is called ‘Receipt capture’ Xero's is called ‘Hubdoc’). These work by taking pictures (with...

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