Here are some project examples of work done in 2014/15.

Farm succession planning

We helped a client to plan for the handover of their farm business by instigating a partnership agreement and reviewing its contents to ensure all parties were protected as far as possible from Inheritance Tax and Capital Tax.

VAT planning

We helped a number of clients by advising them to use the VAT flat rate scheme which has saved them £1000’s in VAT compared with the standard scheme.

Business forecasting

An agricultural client who was expanding applied for a grant; one of the conditions was to produce financial forecasts to support the project which we prepared for them.

Reduction to business costs

We worked with a publican client to achieve a reduction to their business rates in negotiation with the local authority.

Systems improvement

We have helped clients to implement modern book keeping systems to improve the information at their fingertips and helping them to comply with HMRC requirements; most of these systems have been online and are proving popular.